Shrubs For Landscaping

There are many varieties of shrubs for landscaping. They come in different shapes and sizes. Landscaping shrubs are used in garden designs. Some common shrubs for landscaping are arbovitae, jew and box. Shrubs for landcaping can be dwarf size to standard size and have upright or rounded growth. They are used also for hedges and foundation plants. Flowering shrubs are excellent for landscaping. These shrubs are covered with blankets of flowers which bloom in the spring and provide foliage through fall. Lilac, azalea and hydrangeas are favorites among flowering shrubs. These shrubs need fertilizer in the spring. Flowering shrubs are used as ornamental display plants and as hedges and privacy screens. Perrenial herbs are great shrubs for landscaping. Lavander, rosemary and sweet bay laurel are herbs that grow into shrubs. They are native to the Mediterranean region.
outdoor shrubs
These shrubs need protection to survive in cold climates. Evergreen shrubs for landscaping areplanted as living fences and foundation plants. They keep their green color all year long. Most of these shrubs provide berries that birds and bees eat. Evergreen shrubs can be trimmed and shaped in formal shapes. Fruit Bearing shrubs are used in landscaping as hedges and are grown for its fruit. Raspberries, gooseberries and blackberries are fruit bearing shrubs. They are planted for its fruits but also can be planted as hedges and screens. These shrubs require more attention and care than other shrubs. They attract butterflies, bees and other wildlife. Blackberries and raspberries need stakes on which they grow. Ornamental grasses are used in landscaping design as shrubs for sceens and living walls. They can also be used as ornamental display. Most of ornamental grasses have stiff and upright growth. They grow tall and produce seedheads that last throughout winter, that provude texture and visual interest. For better growth and health, ornamental grasses should be divided ever few years. Shrubs are great plants for landcaping in your yard or garden. Flowers and shrubs are important feature when landcaping.