Dwarf Evergreen Shrubs

Dwarf evergreen shrubs are defined by their short height and their slow growth pattern. They are also known as miniature evergreen shrubs. Dwarf evergreens are ideal for small gardens because they will stay small. These plants grow slowly and they don’t need much trimming. In general they don’t require a lot of care. There are variety of dwarf evergreen shrubs. They have different colors and textures and can be planted in the ground or in pots. These small evergreen shrubs can be pruned and shaped but can also be allowed to grow unchecked. Most of these shrubs grow in well drained soil with plenty of sunlight. In shady gardens, dwarf evergreen shrubs like hemlock or yew should be planted because they tolerate shade. No fertilization is need if your dwarf evergreen shrubs look healthy and have good color.
Dwarf evergreen shrubs grow in different shapes. Some are shaped like pyramids, while others grow round or in a weeping shape with branches that sway. Some grow as ground covers, others grow really short as a squat plant. Some of favorites small evergreen shrubs include, Alberta spruce, Korean boxwoods, Arborvitae, Chamaecyparism Hetz midget and Little giant cedar. Alberta spruce is cone shaped with soft and fine needles. Korean boxwoods are easy to grow shrubs that have glossy leaves. Arbovitae and Chamaecyparis make good hedges and have really lacy foliage. Hetz Midget and Little giant cedar are evergreen shrubs that grow in a nice attractive round shape. Dwarf evergreen shrubs are used in gardens and different landscape to make visual interest or provide privacy, screens and borders. Because of its size small evergreen shrubs are used mostly as container plants at entryways and on patios. They are also perfect for balconies and small yards, but mostly dwarf evergreen shrubs are used to create amazing topiaries.