Daphne Odora

The Daphne Odora is a fragnant winter flower that blooms in the late winter motnhs to early spring. It is native to China, Asia, Europe, Australia and grows well in zones 7 to 9 in the United States. Daphne odora plants are evergreen shrubs that produce sensational flowers. They are very attractive and look great when planted with sun tropical and tropical plants because they resemble tropical species. Daphne odora is a hardy evergreen which grows really slow. It can tolerate full sun to partial shade. A well drained soil is required.

Daphne odora plant will mature three to four feet high and two to four feet wide. It is one of the favorites among wintertime plants. When growing in proper climate it is possible to have blooms all year round. The Daphne odora produces rich fragnant flowers that come in white, deep pink to a light pink color. The leaves are edged with a band of yellow color. This plant is a compact mound shaped evergreen shrub which is intensely fragant. The foliage is dark green. Daphne Odora
The Daphne odora is ideal for use by an entry where fragnance can be appreciated. This plant is also used for woodland paths and informal shrub borders. Flowers are long lasting and have four petal of white or pink flowers. Fertilizer shoould be used in the begining of the growing season. It will result in a more green foliage and more blooms. Pruning is also important for Dahne odora. Any old, damaged or dead wood should be removed. This will increase air flow and prevent disease, and also increase flower production.

Daphne odora is prone to disease such as verticillium or fusarium wilt. It is a fungus that can be controled by adding minumum nitrogen heavy fertilizers. Aphids are known to attack the Daphne odora. They are slow moving insects that such fluid from plants. This can be prevented and controled by keeping weeds to a minimum and applying organic or inorganic products which are used to control aphids. The Daphne odora is a perfect evergreen shrub with attractive green and yellow foliage and fragnant pink flowers.