Evergreen Shrubs

A plant that has leaves in all seasons is called an evergreen. There is a great selection of evergreen plants, tress and shrubs. New leaves are constantly growing while old ones shed. Evergreen shrubs can keep our gardens looking beautiful all year round. There are many varieties of evergreen shrubs. They are very hardy and can be planted in a variety of soils. There is a great range of evergreen shrubs including sun loving, shade loving and flowering shrubs. The Azalea is one of the most favorite evergreen shrub. It comes in a wide range of colors and flowers in Spring. Azalea will do great in well drained soil and partial shade. Hedging is a shrub that is used to create hedges. It is also known as Privet or Common Box. This shrub is hardy and grows both in sunny or shady locations. Lily of the valley is a beautiful evergreen shrub that has red leaves at the top and produces white flowers in spring. Another favorite evergreen shrub is Emerald Gaiety.
Evergreen ShrubsIt’s a hardy shrub that has green and white leaves. Emerald Gaiety will do great in both sunny or shady locations. Wood spurge is an easy shrub to grow. It will thrive in almost all types of soil and in poor conditions. In spring it produces lime green flowers. Probably one of the most favorite evergreen shrub is Christmas tree. It’s a hardy evergreen that likes full sun and grows up tp 30 meters tall. Emerald n Gold, Silver Queenand Emerald Gaiety are some evergreen that are shade loving. Some of sun loving evergreen shrubs are Azalea and Rhododendron. Skimmia Japonica is also known as Japanese Skimmia. This evergreen shrub has both male and female sexes. This is why both of the sexes should be planted together to obtain berries. This evergreen shrub provides color all year round and flowers in the spring. There are many other evergreen shrubs but those are just some of the favorites. Evergreen shrubs are desirable because they stay green all year round. They should be planted in groups of a variety. This way you garden will have texture and contrast. When planting evergreen shrubs consider things like heigh of the shrubs, textures, flowers, sun requirements and it’s water needs. Mixing evergreen shrubs with deciduous shrubs can add a wonderful feature to your garden. They provide us privacy and screening to our gardens. Evergreens also provides us with beauty and accent to our garden. There are many varieties of evergreen shrubs that are suitable for any location.